Thursday, August 23, 2012

Circle Time


  1. I love your circle project. I am going to use your idea. I teach K in Fl as well. I am also wondering what font you use on your blog and what chart markers you used for your golden will chart. I love the bright colors. Thanks so much, Nicole

    1. Hi Ncole, thanks so much. The circle activity turned out really great. The students loved sharing with the rest of the class. The font that I used for this post was Tinker Toy. The letter art on my chart came from Lettering Delights. I am like you and love how colorful it is. Problem is it is very addictive and so I just keep buying. I will try to remember to offer some of my titles as freebies from now on. Stay safe next week. I hope you are not in the path of Isaac. We live in the Panhandle and it looks like he is headed for us. YUCK!